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What is ME Group?
ME Group is a platform for entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators to easily connect, collaborate and learn. The community consists of over 11,000+ entrepreneurs from all over the world.

ME Group is designed to help every new, young and growing entrepreneur.  We have created an all-in-one platform for everyone to connect with other like minded individuals, start businesses, find partners/employees, and develop their own skills to be the best and most true authentic self they can be.
Some of our Current Members
Erika Reid is a realtor and owner of Elan Design and Real Estate. She designs beautiful spaces and provide services to amazing people. Elan Design & Real Estate is based in the eclectic and diverse city of Atlanta. We love the people, places and experiences the city fosters. We are excited to contribute to its extraordinary nature by touching the lives of locals through design and real estate.

I am Michael Schneider, a marketer in the process of growing my second agency. The 1st agency is doing roughly 10m in annual revenue and I’ve since moved into a strategy and consulting focus. I launched an agency focused on data analytics, driving product, agile processes, and creating impactful campaigns. In it’s first year of business and already services three very happy clients, while looking to grow. We are mission driven and provide educational series to our audience with the intention of helping businesses grow.

Hi, I’m Ula. I am the founder of Gudbe. You will most probably find me reading a self-help book, meditating, visualizing or mastering a new yoga move. I have created Gudbe to motivate and inspire people to love themselves, others and the world itself. My goal in life is to inspire and make a positive change in the world.
Brandon Smithwick is a digital marketer within the hospitality industry. His passion revolves around helping individuals understand the complex world of online marketing by providing simplistic explanations and actionable takeaways. With a strong interest in digital marketing, he pursued a BS in Business Administration focusing on e-Commerce and Marketing then completing his MBA specializing in Internet Marketing.
Loving all things digital, his roles have allowed him to embrace Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords and Facebook PPC, e-Mail campaign marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and leading multiple website projects from start to finish. 
Sunny Kelley is a well-rounded Entertainer with emphasis in Acting and Writing. Rooted in theater, Sunny has served numerous Independent Films as well as appeared on Mainstream TV.
In addition to Acting, Sunny works as an Insurance Broker (helping families secure their health and future) with hopes to finance her vision as a Filmmaker.
While Sunny is Committed to Balance as a number 1 Goal in her career; she continues to assist in the development in other aspiring artist through her medium and basking in the journey with her friends and family.

Will Winter, the founder of WAA, has a passion for assisting start-ups achieve success by working directly with business owners and their valued staff. Such assistance includes (but is not limited to):  Establishing a successful business plan, Entity selection and structuring, Establishing an accounting system, Cash flow budgeting, analysis, and improvement, Monthly accounting services, Sales tax reporting, Payroll assistance, Preparing quality financial statements, Preparing tax returns, Timely and periodic tax planning, Investmentconsulting,   Retirement Planning, Cost Segregations for acquired real property
My name is Chidinma Okoli, I'm the founder of @FinanciallyLiterateAfrica, which is a growing community of African millennials dedicated to living financially intelligent lifestyles. I founded this social initiative when I realised the alarming number of young people like myself that did not had basic financial literacy skills. I seek to educate and inspire young adults across Africa into doing right by their finances.
 I’m Darion Blake and I'm focusing on digital marketing, building multiple Ecom stores, and becoming an Amazon Affiliate. I believe everyone should strive to learn, to continually grow their minds, simply pick up a book or two. My goal is to inspire those around me, to lead others to success, to change the paradigm of becoming successful, my goal is to essentially teach those around me. 
Chelsea Evans is the CVO & Founder of The CES Collection. Soft spoken, yet fun-loving and energetic, Combining creativity, entertaining, travelling and motivating people. Creating exceptional relationships during her time spent at The Aleit Group as well as Korevest Leisure Management Group and Blackhorse Investments, she decided to combine her love for empowering individuals. She put this into action by founding The CES Collection. 

Elizabeth-Jane Dillon, CEO EpicMe, Elizabeth-jane, came from a Dance & Acting background has now created 'EpicMe' that offers parties/dance and entertainment, for all types of events. 
I am Rashid Hill, a USAF veteran. Founder of L3 Coaching Solutions. Author, Trainer and Business Startup Coach. I help veterans start and grow their own business from possibility, with accountability to profitability. Success focused with the power of EQ and positive psychology. My motto: Leverage Limitless Lifestyle.
Miriam Dorset is a life loving, business minded woman, who brings more good to our world. Founder and Chief Doctor at Chibur (pronounced He-Bore) LLC. A Communications and Connection Company based out of Miami Florida.
I am Marty Hamel, the co-founder of Transition Tales, where we create personalized children's books that allow children to actually see themselves be successful in achieving various milestones, making parenting easier so that parents are free to enjoy the special moments in their child's life.
I'm Sherry Gilliam, founder and CEO of Gilliam Portal. I'm a native of Baltimore, MD with an intense passion for helping “forward thinkers” build a digital empire. Throughout my 11yr tenure in Corporate America, I learned to appreciate the enormous amount of effort it takes to nurture one’s craft and build a stellar work ethic. Web design and creating an intuitive user-experience became my passion. 
I'm a human performance consultant, spartan athlete and fitness enthusiast that competes in various spartan races, tough mudders and trail running competitions. I'm an avid amateur photographer and mushroom forager. I have always been fascinated by the mind and body and what it can do. I love and thrive off of helping people get the most out of their mind and body by using the latest and most cutting edge techniques, bio-hacks, nutrition optimization, fitness styles and much more. 
Alex Irizarry has been a business analyst for over 7 years, working across various industries including: Financial Services, Digital Media, Healthcare Insurance, and currently in Advertising and Marketing.  Alex created a Modern Millennial AI brand to help change the negative stereotypes associated with Millennials and positively rebrand our generation. 
Alex is an enthusiastic learner and user of technology and how it’s rapidly transforming our society today. Alex also enjoys utilizing data & analytics to determine the biggest impacts for across businesses the globe. 

I am Schuyler Diehm. I graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2016 with an accounting degree, and after a year working at one of the big four accounting firms, I realized that I wanted my life to go in a different direction. I started an online passion project called Early Risers, whose purpose is to teach, motivate & inspire others to use their mornings for uninterrupted personal development, and have been working on it ever since. You can find us on Instagram @earlyrisersmovement, or at our website,
I am LaTrice Davis. My desire to learn more about technology lead me to have a successful career in the United States Air Force. With the experience I received in the military, I launched a 15 year career as a Cyber Security Engineer working on various government and military contracts; taking me all over the world to places like Kuwait, Iraq, Djibouti, Belgium, and Dubai. It was during these travels that my passion for design of homes and interiors reemerged. My desire to serve coupled with my passion for beautiful building styles and designs is why I decided to transition my career to Real Estate as a Sales Agent and an emerging Interior Designer.
Marlie Love is a life coach that helps professional millennials discover their life purpose, by teaching them to embrace their natural worth and unleash their hidden potential. Marlie also is a dream interpreter, and has created a variety of online courses for one to discover their life purpose. Marlie has written two books, "Five Steps to Find your Purpose and Destiny: A Guide to Find the True You" and "Forgive to be Free" (due to be released January 2018). Marlie is a contributing writer for the magazine, I-Worship and the UK based online magazine Motiv8 Me. Marlie obtained her graduate certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2016.
My name is Justin Smith, Director of Sales at EAM Group in Troy, MI. We specialize in Sales Recruiting and Business Development Outsourcing. We work with Ambitious companies looking to grow their sales team or their sales pipeline. My background, corporate sales training, leadership, and development has allowed me to see and meet some of the most incredible human beings. My desire to see other succeed and grow lead me back home to Detroit,Michigan. Detroit is a flourishing business community and the tech world around here is growing, daily. My current endeavor of growing local and national sales team is a perfect fit. The like-minded human beings I am surrounded by daily, makes each day a true blessing. 
Blessing Achu is the Founder and CEO of 360 Creative Hub. She has over a decade experience in entrepreneurship and Business Development in Nigeria’s Telecommunications Sector.  With over 10 years’ experience, Blessing has successfully developed and Implemented sales and marketing plans that aided the acquisition of major accounts with a proven track record of achievement, demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar revenue growth while providing visionary sales leadership in highly competitive markets.  Her love for fashion and her understanding of the needs of the fashion industry in Nigeria led to the creation of 360 Creative Hub, which aims to fuel fashion advancement through technology. She is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Nigerian Student Fashion Design Week, mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and promoter of leadership in young women. 
I am Holly Mei Johnson, an 18-year-old freelance photographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. I am currently studying graphic design at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. Although I still have a passion for media, I have recently discovered a passion for entrepreneurship. I started a streetwear brand called STORM APPAREL CO., through which I hope to portray things that make me smile and hope they bring a smile to you as well.  Besides creating media and designing shirts, I also enjoy working out, doing calligraphy, and eating pretzels.
Luke Burrows is an Internet Entrepreneur, Mentor and Founder of Grow2Gether. Luke specialises in helping young people and young entrepreneurs overcome their pains, frustration and challenges with the latest personal growth, mindset and self-help tips & strategies.

Kelley Hoag is the founder of Root to Rise and a behavioral health coach based out of New York. Kelley received her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Northeastern University and is currently working towards certification as a Integrative Health Coach through IIN.
I am Kim Woodley, I have an Instagram @kimsphilosophy and Youtube channel about the Law of Attraction and Yoga. My goal is to spread knowledge, motivation & help people to improve their lives for more happiness. 
Patrick Linfante currently resides in Colorado. He is a podcaster, musician, mentor, athlete, and Cannabis industry insider. A Proponent of Self-Awareness, Respectful of Perspective. I love creating deep, lasting relationships in life. I get excited when I have the chance to support people! Nothing gets me going like an excellent conversation! My Podcast is Patrick's Perspective: A Conversation on Life.
I am Obinna, a Writer/Entrepreneur who works with people and businesses to promote their unique voice. Through the dba Turns of Phrase, I offer a number of writing services and custom packaging that includes web writing, blogging, ghostwriting, white papers, brochures, newsletters, social media, proofreading and editing, infographics, PR and more.
I am an entrepreneur/social entrepreneur with a couple little startups here in Pakistan along with a charity school for underprivileged kids. The school is dedicated to eradicating child labor in Pakistan. With 15 kids in 2011, The Ghani Foundation is now providing free education to more than 275 kids. The business, is an e-commerce store, launched in October 2017. Within just 3 months, we were able to bring Careeb's Alexa World and Pakistan ranking to a whopping 1 Million and 8.2K respectively. 
Actor and TV Personality, Sta'cii Blake, has translated her 11-year experience in entertainment, love of being on the water and Jamaican cultural heritage into becoming the youngest and first black-female owner of a yacht charter business: Island Chill Yacht Charters, based in the historic sailing capital of Annapolis MD. “I am excited to inspire creators through innovative entrepreneurship to cast off inhibitions and accomplish their dreams.”
I am Heather Simon, a Life, Spiritual and Transformational Coach. As a certified life coach with a master’s degree from Michigan State University, I utilize over 15 years of experience as a coach, progressive educator, university instructor, diversity leader, success strategist, and corporate trainer, to create multi-faceted and culturally relevant approaches to coaching.  
My name is Veronika and I originally come from the Czech Republic but I have been living in England and travelling the world in winters for last 8 years. After several years working in hospitality (hotels and restaurants) me and my sister, we have decided to open our own business. We opened a coffee van and not long after that, we discovered the power of Social Media. That was it ... Sunflower Social Media was born.  Sunflower Social Media is a Consulting agency specialized in Facebook & Instagram management and marketing.  We are helping small business owners and online entrepreneurs, who are struggling with their social media presence, want to stand out from the crowds to give them more time to concentrate on achieving their business goals and support them on their journey.
My name is Shawn Fitzwater and I’m the founder of Spokesman Cycle Ads LLC, a mobile, outdoor advertising agency. I started my business out of a passion for cycling, the dream of entrepreneurship and the drive to introduce a new, unique and innovative concept to my city which has added vibrancy as well as an alternative to an over saturated market. I took my first step in early 2017 and began operating part time only on weekends but have recently taken the giant leap leaving my daily 9 to 5 so that I may pursue this endeavor full time.
Sara Makin is the #1 Best Selling author of "From Depression to Joy" and the owner of Makin Wellness, Pittsburgh's premier therapy & coaching centers. She grew up north of Pittsburgh and devoted her youth to non-profit and charity work. Sara has been nominated by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors and spends her days providing mental health & addiction treatment to her clients & helps them live more happy and meaningful lives. She loves laughing,eating,meditating, hiking and animals.
Michelle Bello is the face behind GraciousMi Lifestyle. Having lost 45kg in weight by Lifestyle Modification, and has sustained it for 4 years and still counting. Through her love for healthy living, weight loss and sustenance, GraciousMi Lifestyle was established in 2013 to promote lifestyle modification and serve as a channel for not only loosing weight but also maintaining it over the years. She is an accredited Consultant for Weight Loss and Weight Management from S.A.C Dip.from the Uk, Nutrition and well begin university of Aberdeen, Harvard CME lifestyle Medicine-weightloss management.
I'm Francesca Jago, the founder of Get Ahead Media and my mission is to help small business owners harness the power of video so they can reach more customers and become more profitable.  As an award-winning filmmaker and photographer I've worked for over 10 years connecting with audiences through a variety of forms, but now I've combined all my experience, lessons and breakthroughs into easy-to-follow online and in-person programs. Learn how to make videos fast and get your customers coming directly to you - all by just using your phone!
Joshua Sizemore moved to Miami to start his career in retail development, he then moved to LA for 11 years and then off Detroit for 2 years. During his time, he assisted brands such as A&F, Earnest Sewn, Lacoste and Shinola in their development and expansions, ultimately becoming a top retail executive. Joshua made a full circle in 2015 moving back home to Kentucky to begin a startup. Joshua is now the Founder of Unify Water, the only American Made Single Sourced premium water in market. The brand also has a 1 for 1 giveback model that allows the consumer to give 1 gallon of clean water for every bottle purchased. The brand launched July '16 and are in more than 3000 accounts in 13 states, focusing on east coast and NYC expansion.
My name is Tori Hallowell and I help young professionals who are feeling burnt-out with their careers and don't know what to do. My purpose is to connect, educate, mentor and support these young professionals so that they can build their self-confidence, create work/life balance and live a life of purpose. 
Manny Blue is best known for being a bilingual singer/song writer, actor and dancer. He dedicated 14 years of his life to the music industry as an independent artist. During his time as a performer he traveled Nationally and Internationally. He got involved with quite a few charities such as The Relay for Life, B.A.P (Bully Awareness Protocol) and The Make a Wish Foundation through Tunes for Tots. Being able to give back to the community and charities, has been a priority for Blue, not just as an artist but as a person.
My name is Nicole and my instagram name is @theohhellnopodcast and I have a podcast where I interview everyday people who are following their dreams by doing what
they love to do the most in life as a side-hustle or a full-time gig. My guests are entrepreneurs who found their passion by letting life connect the dots. I also do reality TV wrap ups and talk about everyday life issues.

After walking away from her desk job and moving 2,000 miles from home, Hanna Hermanson made it her business to make Dream Life Real Life for other millennials. She created an online community to give inspired go-getters the tools, accountability, and motivation to realize (and monetize) their passions- without feeling alone. 
Dr. Sunday Agbonika is a Nigerian Veterinary Doctor and pet enthusiast, Founder of Collars & Paws Limited and Dogalov. He's an ardent personal development fan and thus, a Toastmaster. His vision is to Enrich human lives through pets. He's a Common Purpose, Global Leader Experiences Fellow, a Lexy fellow and a prospective StartingBloc fellow.

I am Jenny Viola Morina and after failing in Network Marketing and watch many others do the same...I took it upon myself to "figure this thing out" and that's what I did and have done for the past 2,5 years. 
I am Sara Doubleday and I'm constantly learning new things about the startup world, though I focus in design thinking, marketing, and UI design. I've worked both with multiple startups and as a freelance designer, helping other entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life through imagery and customer empathy. I love meeting new people and hearing about their passions and startups, and believe collaboration is the key to success!
 Rohan Yadav is the Co-Founder at Endorseme 
( )
We provide comprehensive Advertisement Solutions to businesses in India across all kinds of Advertisement platforms ranging from newspapers to digital to outdoors.
Amber Richardson-Booker, graduated from North Carolina Central University, with two  Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) degrees.   
An Empowerment and Business Coach.  My intentional-purpose is to Empower others to be the  best of themselves. In life we may not know where we are headed, but what we do know is that 
what we desire is greatness, this desire ultimately leads us to be the best-version- of ourselves
Kamerin Chambers is a Chicago native, the Founder & Editor of Where's She Going? travel blog, a Marketing & Communications professional and iStock photographer. Her blog's main intent is to inspire everyday multi-passionate professionals to explore their freedom to begin living the exact life they want to life today.
I am Ruebn Munoz, Costa Rican Entrepreneur, Epistemophilic, Personal Development Lover, Investor , Bearded dreamer, life-lover, purpose-seeker and chicken wings-eater. They all ended up being the perfect combination of reasons to become an entrepreneur. I’ve been always curious about discovering things that are not regularly taught to most people. If we all have 24 hours… what makes the difference? The more I learn about this, the more I want to share it.
 I am Rana Abu Samaha, a single mom, lawyer by profession, and an inspirational human being by purpose. My purpose in life is To Make One Person Happier a Day. As long as I remember I have always wanted to spread kindness and love, and leave a legacy that my kids can continue and live by.  More Life by Rana is our universal blog and safe space to be transparent, accept who we are unapologetically, share ideas, spread good energy and vibes, change people's lives and most importantly have each other's back. 
 My name is Joshua Jenkins and I am currently obtaining a European Masters in Exercise and Sports Psychology. I am also learning about investing in cryptos and blockchain technology. I have a passion for helping people to become their best self. I love traveling and meeting new people. Also, running is a passion of mine. I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to, you hold the keys to your future, it all starts in the mind. Excited to be part of this group with other like minded entrepreneurs.
Ben Pinder is a Graduate MSc Entrepreneurship and Management. I have decided to spend the next two years of my life fully committing to my entrepreneurial intentions, to try and generate a million-pound valuation of a company. To follow my progress, go to

Pachet Bryant is a Financial Advisor for Families and Businesses. Pachet entered the Financial Services industry because she recognized there were a mass amount of individuals being unserved by traditional financial firms. Her core belief is that every family/business deserves a trusted partner to ensure their financial goals are met.
June is a freelance visual designer, life & business coach, and a yogi. She specializes in creating high-level graphic designs and web designs. For more info about her work as a designer, please visit She also coaches entrepreneurs and helps them create a balanced & purposeful lifestyle while running a successful business. She recently successfully together with her team of other 3 internet entrepreneurs hosted a Digital Detox Camp
I am Vishal Chowhan, Digital Marketer and Writer.  Worked as a Freelancer – Content Writing, Web Designing, Web Development and Digital Marketing. 
Worked as Event co-ordinator at Youth Vibe (LPU), Placement co-ordinator (LPU), Admissions co-ordinator (LPU). 
I am the Founder of Virtue Hunt and worked with multiple startups as a marketing head. I am also a speaker at different event about startups and marketing. 

Harish Muralidhar is 21 one years old from India and a product of Loyola college. He is a person who believes everyone in this world can be an achiever if they have a passion for what they do. He was just a normal kid one year ago and his life changed after seeing motivational videos and he started seeing his life in a new way, full of positivity and abundance. He believes health is one of the most important thing in a person's life. He also writes book to inspire people. He has published a book called 52 quotes to change your life.
I am Sivan Miller.  I am an international fashion photographer from South Africa. I got discovered by Oprah Winfrey at the young age of 16 where she featured me double page spread in her magazine. Now living in New York City and have agencies representing me around the world. 
I am Ines Bruins, Life Coach and a big believer in self-growth, self help and self expansion. But sometimes you get stuck and just need to invest in YOU and your growth. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled by one’s self. I am a life coach and have worked with people for the last 25 years.
I am Mahadi Hasan a professional designer & digital marketer.I am a self-motivated person and quick learner.I love my work and always try to deliver my best.
Ángela Aguareles is a professional cellist. She's a young Spanish cello student that has participated in different orchestras, competitions and performance programs. 

Starting at age 7, she has constantly proved the proficient cellist she is becoming in and has had the opportunity to attend several masterclasses with important cellists.
I am Sydney Wong. I will show you what investors are looking for! I helped prepare and raise millions of dollars for startups across North America in 2017. I run VenturX, a startup progress platform with $200 million to invest in the most promising startups in 2018 on behalf of our investors. 
My name is king yaa. I'm a Body Engineer. I help women to restore and maintain their bodies for optimal movement and function. Namely women whose body are stuck in unhappy movement patterns, limited range of motion, with postural dysfunction or have compromised core activation - I help them to move and feel better.

I am Kuria. I am a IT Business Analyst with a FINTECH fortune 500 company, professional crypto-currency investor and Blockchain enthusiast. 

I educate people globally to better understand Blockchain technology and best way of investing in the digital currencies. Founder of
Lisa Chau currently works as a Director for Lampix, where intelligent tabletop augmented reality is powered on blockchain. She is a digital strategist published over 130 times in Forbes, US News & World Report, Buzzfeed as well as Huffington Post on TABLES: Technology - Academia - Business - Leadership - Entrepreneurship - Strategy.

I'm AJ Weber. I've independently built sites for Mom-and-Pop shops, local non-profits and larger firms in both NYC and London, UK. For several years I have worked as a photographer (and still do), shooting for clients ranging between large corporations, weddings, and fine art publications. I have translated that profession into content creation through my skills in Photoshop and InDesign. My goal is to build and design a sleek, accessible, and stunning website for businesses who are then able to easily modify their new website through user-friendly tools.
I am Ruthann Bowen. I ditched the corporate world and struck out on my own as the founder and creative director of The Bowen Agency Web Design. My passion is helping small business owners and entrepreneurs get a stunning website they can easily update themselves. I worked in PR at Warner Bros. Records in Nashville for five years and now use that marketing expertise to help my clients grow their businesses.
 I’m Mohammed Azharuddin (MAU) I Just what to say that "Stop Dreaming . Start Exploring" You can find me everywhere by type my username “MAU.Azhar” I’m Successful Instagrammer and Blogger. You can follow me on Instagram - @MAU.Azhar 
I am Greena Owusu-Yeboah and I'm a young model and a student journalist from Ghana. I am also into make-up editorials and commercials.
I am Johanna Salvafor, CEO of Smart Dream Team and a full time freelancer and entrepreneur Mom, I work at touristic places and Call Centers for a few years to until i found a way to work from home and take care of my daughters since one of them has a visual disability. I recently started my virtual agency and love this startup lifestyle and learning a lot as entrepreneur. I am looking forward to learn from all members on this community and make great and successful business relationships.
I have over 15 years of marketing/management experience. I have successfully organized promotional events across the Caribbean, Central and South America. One of most notable projects has been the President of Kaos Records, a multinational record company, and included the management of Grammy nominated artists. I have also gained experience as the owner and operator of a series of successful nightclubs, bars and restaurants throughout the region. Currently I am the CEO of Conduit Global Marketing a Carribean region based Marketing and Management firm with offices in the Bahamas,Turks & Caicos, Jamaica and also Trinidad & Tobago. I am also an administrator for ME Caribbean and look forward to creating a bridge between the Caribbean and the rest of the World
I am Gloria-Jean Brown, a life and time management Coach. I provide individualized coaching by designing a successful outcome for each person. On-going assistance and guidance are always available. Individuals who want to reduce stress in their life and workplace; a business that is looking to maximize their best resources – people; an agency looking to improve their business environment into a team oriented, harmonious establishment; or, a manager who wants a better understanding of other people's behavior with whom you work – will find a successful transition.
Bryant Caterino is devoted to students making their dreams come true. He started personal development at a young age, now he builds connections, reaches dreams and helps other do the same. 
Nykeisha Sanders specializes in helping her clients make positive transformations in their lives through physical fitness.
I am Doua’a Muthana, a graduate of architecture currently working in an architectural firm in Qatar. I have my own website, youtube, and Instagram called Archibits. I use it for sharing my architectural knowledge, cover some events related that happens in Qatar with some video toturials of Revit Architecture software.
My name is Maria V. Balbuena and I am a tax return prepare and freelance bookkeeper. I am located in Paterson, NJ and enjoy doing business out of the comfort of my home. I take pride in my Christian faith as well as providing quality and accurate work for small business owners. 
I am Elvis Metrins, I call myself a creator, dreamer, developer, bohemian. Born in the capital of Latvia/ Riga I came to Denmark/ Copenhagen to become someone I always wanted to become - successful person. Being enthusiastic, creative, focused in details and eager to obtain knowledge in marketing, visual arts, and design field.
I am Faviola Valencia, I'm a Professional Spanish-English Interpreter, Translator, Coach and Entrepreneur serving you since 2000
Tara Jeffries sees the world as an opportunity to connect, grow and to make each client experience memorable. She’s a strategic powerhouse who thrives on bringing communities of like-minded individuals together for the advancement of business and family.  As Creative Director of Lx Events Inc, Tara is aiming to change the mindset of the "networking event" from collecting business cards to collecting experiences.  

I am Ifeanyi Omoike and I am a Coach, Speaker, Writer. I empower young professionals to achieve their dreams. Visit me at
I am Safwan Khan and I run an app & website development company, healthcare clinic and blog for entrepreneurs called Startupily;
I am Scott A. Sundy a Broker/Account Executive. 
Self-motivated business man, entrepreneur, coffee addict. Former homeless person, now a financial services broker and account executive providing services to U.S. government and city organizations throughout the United States.  
I am Matthew Wilson.  I am a financial consultant, helping families and individuals earn more income, become properly protected, financially independent and debt free.
I am Liliana from Romania-Bucharest, I am 35 years old. I'm financial consultant and work with banks. Fashion is one of my passions and I want to be a successful blogger 😊
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